Acadecon 2017 Wrap-Up

On the final day of Acadecon 2017, we sit down and talk about the experiences we had at the con. It was so much fun!!!

Discussion points: Dungeon Dome, Calvin and Hobbes Wushu, Quinn's Flavortown, 80's Action meets MTG booster packs in Feng Shui 2, Domina Magica, Iron Edda, Call of Cat-thulu, The One Ring, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Dragonfire, Satanic Panic, Legend of the Five Rings: Holy Matrimony, The Tearable RPG, Axon Punk, The Tearable RPG (again), Wild West World of Darkness, Phoenix Dawn Command, Phoenix Dawn Command (again), our favorite games, and what we want to play/run next year!

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