Acadecon 2018 Wrap-Up

We go over the fun we had at Acadecon 2018!

GoopYear #ObliterateTheTaint #HorseNightmares #ShuJenga #ToiletScreams

Discussion Points: Descent Into Midnight, Wushu (Oops All Rangers!), Capers, Call of Cthulhu (Amidst the Ancient Trees), Hangin with buds, Edifice, The Game That Shall Not Be Named, L5R 4e (The Fort of Tall Pines), PBTA-style L5R, L5R 5e (Dark Tides), Redemption Live!, Justin's Breakfast, Character Creation Cast Panel, Dialect, L5R 4e (Holy Matrimony), The Agency, Mysterium, Thedas World, Laser Cats, Tsuro, Batman Love Letter, Star Wars: Destiny, L5R Dread (Kaidan), Amelia's Divorce Party, L5R 4e (Holy Matrimony, Again), Justin Sleeps In, Forbidden Sky, Co-Op Games, Legacy Games, Golden Sky Age, FFG Star Wars (Sith Apprentice Party), PBTA-style L5R (again!), Next Year's Goals!

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